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Rule Britannia

Britannia in Ballard Estate is first known for its berry pulao and then for its eccentric owners. Proof of their dottiness is on the walls of the restaurant, which are hung with admonitions such as ‘Please do not argue with … Continue reading

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‘Bad’ bavas

Parsis are generally thought to be a uniformly kind, just and generous lot. The community’s history of philanthropy and lovable eccentricity has put them above reproach. So when people hear of Parsis involved in any sort of wrongdoing or activity … Continue reading

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Vulture culture

A few weeks ago, while driving past a sign for Phansad wildlife sanctuary in Raigad district, I remembered reading about vulture restaurants. In an effort to curtail the decline of vultures, the governments of Maharashtra, Punjab and West Bengal set … Continue reading

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Parsi pin-ups

I had a good laugh when this arrived in my inbox yesterday. The group that put the calendar together, Zoroastrian Youth for the Next Generation (ZYNG), is an earnest bunch of young Parsis whose primary objective is to hook eligible … Continue reading

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