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Not a dabangg film

Most people who raved about Dabangg oddly insisted that it be watched in a single screen theatre. Preferably a low-end one that attracts taporis. Friends who would normally watch movies in multiplexes watched Dabangg in single screens to have an … Continue reading

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One idiot

For someone who does just one film a year, Aamir Khan is in the news an awful lot. And with every appearance, he makes a bigger parody of himself. (See ‘The walue of education’ below) Take his latest outing. Khan … Continue reading

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For Christ’s sake

  It’s difficult to make up one’s mind about Lars von Trier’s Antichrist. Initially its impact felt like the emotional equivalent of a bludgeoning by a wrecking ball. But in retrospect, the film lost some of its weight, seeming more … Continue reading

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Block kiya jaye

  I suffered my first betrayal of friendship in 1998 when James Cameron whipped out his maudlin cinematic iceberg, Titanic. A teacher-friend who achieved demiurge status after introducing me and my classmates to Bergman and Bob Fosse, pissed on our … Continue reading

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