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Rule Britannia

Britannia in Ballard Estate is first known for its berry pulao and then for its eccentric owners. Proof of their dottiness is on the walls of the restaurant, which are hung with admonitions such as ‘Please do not argue with … Continue reading

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The curious case of Priti Chandriani

Mumbai Mirror’s front page story on June 22 nearly upstaged the lead story about the fire in Mantralaya. While Priti Chandriani – the papers have misspelt her name as Preeti Chandrayani – a 53-year-old documentary filmmaker and resident of Worli, … Continue reading

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The Wisecracktatus

                                                       The library of a solipsist   Cartoon by IC and Azeema Pardiwala.

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Rage machines

Last Sunday, Mayur Aggarwal, a 25-year-old businessman, rammed his Swift three times into Amit Valinjkar’s Honda City. It was, apparently, a case of road rage. Valinjkar was with his wife, two-year-old son and parents. Aggarwal was with his father and … Continue reading

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From the Jaipur Literature Festival

The Jaipur Literature Festival was uncomfortably crowded, the food was rubbish and you could write a novel waiting for a chance to use the loo. But it was enlightening and fun at the same time. I had imagined that the … Continue reading

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Junking the junket

A couple of years ago, I was picked to go the US on a junket. When I mentioned this to a colleague, she shook my hand and congratulated me. I searched her face for a smirk, an ironically raised eyebrow. … Continue reading

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The Maoist and Dhirubhai

A piece of news in the Hindustan Times two days ago made me remember A Clockwork Orange. The bottom of the Nation page has a story about an experiment that might be conducted on jailed Maoists. A 17 year old is … Continue reading

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